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A global organization capable of delivering the entire lifecycle of mining: from exploration and engineering to operations and M&A.


A growing portfolio of public and private equities and royalties in various commodities around the world.

Tools & Systems

Proprietary and proven systems to assure transparency and best-in-class performance throughout the mining lifecycle.

Mining Investment and Development? Easy.

The demand for mining and commodities is constantly growing. There is a huge demand for commodities; mainly driven by the global need for sustainability. Without mining, there is no sustainable future.

To meet these goals, there is a huge demand to discover and develop new mines. The current model is inefficient; it is estimated that over $40B is lost per year in the mining industry through inefficiencies.

Mine Plus Group has developed into a vertically integrated company to solve the industries issues. With a comprehensive global team, proprietary software, and financial and M&A capabilities, Mine Plus Group is one of the few comprehensive mining companies globally.

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