Mine+ Group

On A Mission

Why we are on a mission to return $40B a year to the bottom line of mining companies.

We have spent our entire career in mining and have executed the full spectrum of projects from $1M to $3B. What we started noticing is a similar pattern: owners were not developing their mines reliably.

The people developing the mines are smart, capable and have the best intentions…but they often don’t have the right technical support, project readiness, and financial acumen to develop a mine effectively.

A poorly developed mine is often the root cause for operational inefficiency which we estimate can be in excess of $40B a year globally.

Project tools, human resources, financial modelling…to develop a project using best management practices it gets complicated and costly quickly. Mine+ group was formed to simplify all this and provide value through:

1: Improving mine development and investments.

2: Focus on quick to cash flowmines with large exploration upside

3: Providing cost-effective and flexible engagements to maximize value.

Our Promise

To be the mining industries most owner-centric company that will provide solutions to continuously improve mining globally.

Our Guiding Principles:

Behave like an owner: Our DNA is based on integrity, stewardship and an entrepreneurial spirit. We are empowered to speak up, protect our stakeholders and the environment while always looking for the most effective solutions.

Love for the industry: Our employees have a passion for mining and are continuously expanding their knowledge and transforming themselves. That is what gives us our edge to deal with the ever-changing mining landscape.

Love for our people: We want to be the employer of choice for the top talent globally by offering employment solutions catered for the new digital world. We want our employees to realize their potential and be fulfilled because this allows them to better deal with reality, face the unknown, creatively solve problems and help others succeed.

Focus on solutions, not on profit: We have an obligation to use our talents to help progress the mining industry forward. If a miner needs help we have an obligation to help by creating a win-win environment that focuses on results and not on profits.

Honesty and Respect: We value humility, respect, and intellectual honesty as this allows us to deal with reality constructively. We are continuously developing an accurate sense of self-worth based on our strengths, limitations and contributions to allow us to embrace different perspectives, experiences, aptitudes, knowledge and skills in order to leverage the power of diversity. We hold ourselves and others accountable to these standards.