Project Management.
Project Services.
Project Controls.

A full project controls team at your finger tips.

Technical Experts

We have a complete technical team of explorationist, geologists, mining engineers, metallurgist, processing engineers, etc. to provide complete solutions for junior mining.

Executive Experts

We have executives that have “been there and done that” and can provide organizations with executive support and guidance.

Project Development and Controls

A central resource to lead technical development, cost, schedule, change management and reporting

Contracts Management

Prepare, manage and file all correspondence during project execution with subcontractors and vendors while also monitoring and reporting progress and tracking subcontractors and vendor’s obligations.

Cost Control

Continuously monitors the cost performance, trending and forecasting data throughout the project life cycle and evaluates the impact of any trends.

Planning / Scheduling

Establish and update project schedules to monitor time performance, trending & forecasting.

Project Accounting

Responsible for ensuring project transactions are accurately submitted by the vendors/consultants and posted correctly within any financial system.

Data Analysis

We can analyze and report big data for easy reporting and visualization.

Document Control

Responsible for document management and control of the project documentation through the approved Document Management System.

A vertically integrated mining company with a variety of services customized for junior mining.