MFD Holdings

The new approach to a private/public mining company by Mine+ Group

Mine+ Group is one of the fastest growing junior mining consultancies in the world. With a dedicated team of professionals, Mine+ has developed and revamped mines with state-of-the-art project and operations management, while also acquiring significant equity holdings and NSR’s in private and public companies around the world.

We have identified systemic flaws in the way retail, institutional and PE firms invest in mining; (1) late access to projects, (2) a blind focus on regulations rather than business, (3) hopes for speculative stock growth rather than cashflow and (4) lack of access to a complete team.

MFD Holdings, underpinned by the existing Mine+ equity and NSR’s, has been created to accumulate stakes in very exciting ‘quick to cashflow’ assets with large upside potential. These assets will be developed and managed internally by Mine+, benefiting from Mine+’s expansive internal resources of geologists, metallurgists, managers, and finance professionals.

Opportunities and Challenges in the market

  1. The drive for carbon emission reduction is driving a strong demand for minerals, but without new mines coming online to meet demand.
  2. Most producers are trading at a discount to current commodity prices. Poor performance industry wide and inconsistency in mine development has led to a discounting of assets rather than a multiple.
  3. Poor project and operational management within mining means less than 50% of investor dollars are achieving the expected return.
  4. Most retail, institutional and PE investors get in late – decreasing profits and increasing risk.

Our Approach

  1. Get in from the beginning! Use Mine+ to identify, acquire, and develop near production, low start-up CAPEX projects with significant exploration upside; diversified across key geographies and commodities.
  2. Focus on cashflow; continue to exploration.
  3. Utilizing the Mine+ team, framework and technology will allow for cost-effective and predictable management and development, allowing assets to trade for a multiple rather than a discount.
  4. Assets will either be kept for cashflow (and dividends), spun out into public companies, or sold.
  5. Upon achieving a significant valuation, target a public listing for MFD Holdings, with continue growth via acquisitions, M&A & spinouts.

Our approach, our team and our technology combine to offer a new approach to achieving the highest upside in mining.

Mine+ and MFD Holdings are not currently offering securities or soliciting outside investment.